Memoria is the collection and cataloging of imprints that I experimented with in the past years.

Ocean, a collection made with the imprints of shells, dedicated to water lovers. A timeless creation to bring the strength of the sea waves with you.

Fondali Marini (Seabeds), a series of small sculptures inspired by the marine world, a place to be discovered that also leads us to discover ourselves.

Volcano is here to remind us to appreciate every living moment and to be grateful every day for what life gives us. Volcano teaches us that, from every loss and defeat, we can gain more than before.

AtmoSfera was created to always carry with us the
memory of the endless days spent in the countryside celebrating beautiful things.

Neve, a collection of those who love snow, for those who have cherished memories attached to it. A decorative object that can bring us back to those magical moments, to the peace of those white, untouched and pristine lands.

A box entirely dedicated to care, a box to take time for yourself.

A box designed for men (for this time),
a box to enjoy with friends.

A box designed to bring the sun to your desk

A box for your kitchen, a box designed to bring the scent of aromatic herbs on your table.

Well yes, it’s still us Cristina and Federica who have teamed up again for another limited edition box. The theme: onions.

For the latecomers, the indecisive, for those who’d prefer not to choose and for those who want to leave the choice to the recipient of a gift. Ceramic Gift Card is for you!