icon customisation

I often receive your requests for the creation of customized products with writings, colors or shapes different from those in the catalog.

I am happy to accommodate your wishes to the best of my abilities. Together we will look for the solution that best suits your needs by choosing from textures, shapes, colors, letters, numbers, symbols and writings to create what you like best.


My creations can also enrich the experience of special occasions such as weddings. They can be customized to be best suited to different purposes, for instance wedding decorations, favors or gifts.

Maybe you want to furnish your new home or shape a more soulful atmosphere for a place with a unique object made exclusively for you.

You can think of a customized line for your restaurant, maybe designed to complement specific cuisines in order to enhance the aromas and colors.

The past experience with the customization helped me to draft some guidelines in order to provide the best service for this type of demand. Find out more.

You can offer your customers a unique choice of handmade objects that are inspired by your style and your philosophy.

For more information write me an email with your ideas.


NB. For this type of work I ask you to contact me at least 6 months before delivery.