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A small business, slow-paced activity and a deep connection with nature, cannot fail to take into account safety and its impact on the environment. For this reason, I use safe and certified materials, keeping as a focal point the reducing, reusing and recycling of materials where possible.



The materials I use for the realization of the artifacts are chosen, tested, certified and safe both for me and for you.



The cartons and packaging material are mainly for reuse. Always with the idea of ​​minimizing waste, the chosen packaging is really efficient and guarantees safe shipping.
Where I cannot use recycled material, I get recycled paper and cardboard packaging with a lower impact on the environment.



The products are always wrapped in cloth to, both, protect them against impact and give you somethig to unwrap.

Here you can see how, with my colleague Lorena from Blackdressatelier, we thought about reusing these fabrics to create small items or embellish your clothing.



I found in Green Trubù an excellent ally for the purchase of cleaning products and more. Sponges, gloves, brushes and soluble detergents for a planet without plastic but full of trees.

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