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Spedizioni in tutto il mondo – SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA sopra gli 85 euro per Italia ed Europa.

Worldwide shipping – FREE SHIPPING over 85 euros in Italy and all Europe.

Spedizioni in tutto il mondo – SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA sopra gli 85 euro per Italia ed Europa.



A journey through the years, to discover my evolution and see the works created over time.



After the success of last year’s box we wanted to repeat this experience and return to influencing and contaminating ourselves. The challenge was not simple but to delve into the world of onions, golden, white and Tropea, spring onions, leeks and borrettane; cut into rounds, sectioned and broken down, it gave us great satisfaction and an excellent result!

Spoon rest and tea towel seemed like a good combination to insert inside the box and to add to your kitchen. 



A box in collaboration with Modoro; a box containing a stoneware trivet with the imprints of the aromatic herbs and two linen pot holders on which the pattern of the aromatic herbs is printed.

They seem made for each other and we assure you that it is truly a perfect marriage.



I step into nature and I lose myself in one of my neverending strolls. I listen, I observe, I breathe and I imprint. When the inspiration grows, I go back to my workshop where I study the texture that the objects that I collected imprint on the earth.

This is what Memoria is: the collection and cataloging of imprints that I experimented with in the past years.



Hear the wind calling you with its Tintinnio (tinkle). This bell, Tntinnio, awakes you with its chattering sound and brings your focus to the present and to the observation of what is happening around you.

If you try reading the signals that are given, you will find yourself immersed in moments of full awareness and sensibility.



Una, nessuna, centomila (One, No One and One Hundred Thousand) is a set that you can transform however you want.

These cups are an invitation to live your life moment by moment, by keeping reshaping yourself in different ways. Just as they transform and renew themselves, we too can change as we please.

By allowing yourself to indulge in possibilities and working with your imagination, you will let yourself discover all that they can be…and that you can be as well.



Compagni di viaggio (Travel Companions) is a family of simple and versatile products, suitable for any use.

These vases, of different shapes and sizes, with their simplicity are able to fit into any environment and are perfect in any context. Each piece for itself or together, they can be filled with memories, adventures, experiences, and whatever treasure you think can suit them.

Without limits and labels, this family lets your imagination run wild, adapting to the most disparate occasions.



Le cose belle (Beautiful Things) is a roundness that makes you feel welcomed. Le cose belle is a hug for people who need a daily dose of cuddling. As your home hugs you when you walks in, like a jewel embraces you when you wear it, like a perfume envelops you in an unexpected moment.

Leaving open the possibility to surprise you every day, these dishes remind you to take care of yourself and celebrate the beautiful things of your day.