The wheat fields and the hay bales, the slow and relaxed times, the scorching sun that warms
the skin, the shade of the large trees that protects us, a sudden storm, a happy hour gathering
at sunset, the evenings that turn into long nights in the company of friends.

How many summers were spent like this? AtmoSfera was created to always carry with us the
memory of the endless days spent in the countryside celebrating beautiful things.

But how was AtmoSfera born?
The collection of ears of wheat and wild herbs started almost by chance, like many others of my
experiments with nature. Bunches of hay dried in the hot summer sun, then transformed into
compositions, putting together memories of the time just passed.

The shape of the ceramic, on the other hand, I already had in my hands, perfect in its simplicity.
A strong link between what functions as a holder and what is placed inside, which is why I
always deliver AtmoSfera already complete in its composition, so as to have with it the memory
of the countryside, amid the slow passage of time.

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AtmoSfera can be used as a vase for both dried and fresh flowers, but also as an air freshener.

Small: D6,5 cm
Medium: D9,5 cm
Incense Burner: D13 x H4,5 cm

White Limoges porcelain
Black porcelain

Black and white shpere: Unglazed
Incense Burner: Glossy the base, unglazed the sphere.

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions13 × 9 cm

white, black


small (D 6.5 cm), medium (D 9.5 cm), incense burner