Le cose belle

Le cose belle


Le cose belle (Beautiful Things) is a roundness that makes you feel welcomed. Le cose belle is a hug for people who need a daily dose of cuddling. As your home hugs you when you walks in, like a jewel embraces you when you wear it, like a perfume envelops you in an unexpected moment.

Leaving open the possibility to surprise you every day, these dishes remind you to take care of yourself and celebrate the beautiful things of your day.


Over time Le cose belle have been strongly contaminated by my research on footprints that objects leave in clay and by the striped texture, an infinite number of possibilities and choiches have opened up. Here you can see Memoria, my research on footprints, to find something more suitable for you; here instead to write me your request and have your favourite traces imprinted.

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Small: D13.5 x H3 cm
Medium: D20 x H4.5 cm

White Limoges porcelain

Matte or glossy inside
Unglazed outside


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 cm

Small (D13.5 x H3 cm), Medium (D20 x H4.5 cm)

LE COSE BELLE Finish Inside

Glossy, Matte