Ahhh.. the snow.

In my time spent in Lapland, I lived for months immersed in an enchanted landscape, in peace, in connection with mother nature.

I believe that everyone should have an enchanted object that can help them to reconnect to that feeling.

The snow of Lapland was my companion during a very happy period of my life and I worked at my workshop for a long time trying to find something that could bring me back to that untouched landscape, to the silence and the magic of those expanses of pure white.

After a phase of deep consideration, Neve was born. A collection of those who love snow, for those who have cherished memories attached to it. A decorative object that can bring us back to those magical moments, to the peace of those white, untouched and pristine lands.

And let’s not forget our childhood memories of snowflakes that slowly descend from the sky and cover all that they touch. Slow moments suspended in time, spent looking outside our windows with some hot chocolate warming up on the stove, to enjoy after a snowball fight.

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Neve can be used as a decoration for the family christmas tree, to adorn a door, a window in a house or a shop. A unique gift tag for a magical gift.

Just like in nature, Neve comes back every year, in winter, to create the right atmosphere and bring a good dose of euphoria and magic.

Size (immage two, from top to bottom): 
Shape 1: D5 cm
Shape 2: D8,5 cm
Shape 3: D5 cm
Shape 4: D5,5 cm
Shape 5: D10,5 cm

White Limoges porcelain
Red and white rope



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Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions13 × 9 cm
NEVE shape

shape 1, shape 2, shape 3, shape 4, shape 5