Aeolian Islands, Hawaii, Sonda, Canaries, Azores and Galapagos. Who has not dreamed ofvisiting at least one of these destinations?

I traveled to a volcanic island for the first time in 2016 and brought some stones back with me. Years later, I used those very stones to create my first texture and present my first ceramic collection: Volcano. A series of vases, capable of inspiring a plan for a great adventure.

But that is not all. I discovered that the inhabitants of volcanic islands have a strong sense of temporariness and know, better than others, to appreciate the here and now. Proximity to danger makes life even more sacred and uncertain and teaches you to enjoy the present moment.

When a volcano erupts and lava flows, it can be enormously destructive. However, when the lava cools down, a new land is formed, literally, new earth that was not there before. “Now there is more than before”.

Volcano is here to remind us to appreciate every living moment and to be grateful every day for what life gives us. Volcano teaches us that, from every loss and defeat, we can gain more than before.

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this series of vases can be used and gifted as decorative element, as a vase for plants and flowers or as a candle/fairy lights holder.

XS: D8 x H7 cm
Small: D13,5 x H11cm
Medium: D14,5 x H13,5 cm

White Limoges porcelain
Black porcelain

White: Glossy inside, unglazed outside
Black: totally unglazed

Preorder. Why and how does it work?:
Once the stocks ran out, for this collection I decided to enable the pre-order, in order to produce only what was necessary/desired and to concentrate my energies and my time satisfying your requests. Buying in pre-order means that you don’t buy a product that has alread.


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Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions13 × 9 cm

XS shape1 (D8 x H7 cm), XS shape2 (D8 x H7 cm), XS shape3 (D8 x H7 cm), XS black (D8 x H7 cm), Small (D13.5 x H11 cm), Medium (D14.5 x H13.5 cm), Medium black (D14.5 x H13.5 cm), bowl