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During this workshop, exclusive to my students, I will open my lab and put both materials and equipment at your disposal for you to keep practicing indipendently.

Doing this experience you have the opportunity to carry out all the tasks independently, gaining self-confidence and acquiring mastery in the entire ceramic process.

If you decide to participate, you will have the opportunity to meet other people with the same passion for pottery, to confront ideas, to influence and be influenced, all in an enivronment of mutual help and exchange.

By putting yourself out there, you will broaden your knowledge and improve your skills, while having the chance to experiment and do some networking.


Get in touch to know how to partecipate and book your station.


Throughout the week, from Monday to Friday, you can book your seat for as many hours as you want from 8.30AM to 7.30PM. . There is no restriction regarding the attendance, but booking is alwawys necessary.

20,00 € per hour

1 Potter’s wheel
2 Tables

For attendance, a minimum of 5 prior individual lessons with me is required, so that all the participants will have a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of pottery as well as of the internal rules and functioning of the shop. Take a look to the course CRESCIAMO INSIEME to start taking the first steps with me.

Materials, equipment and access to kiln

Not included:
Shipment of the artifacts and my knowledge. The workshop will not be held in a lesson format, you will have the opportunity to practice indipendently.